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We specialize in the development, design, purchasingand sale of Private Label fashion and accessories.

With us,you will find the latest fashion and trends in belts and leather.You can choose from one of our well-known registered labels or sell our fashion accessories under private label.

Customization is always possible, we like to develop your successful collection with you!For your ladies fashion, men’s fashion, kids fashion, baby clothing and accessories we have everything to create your successful Private Label collections.

Private label belts & leather

We are a group of internationally operating fashion and fashion related companies specializing in the development, design, sourcing and sale of Private Label belts & leather. In addition to Private Label, HVEG Fashion Group is engaged in various branding activities.

Wholesale of belts and leather

In addition to the possibilities of selling belts and leather under your own label, you can complement your range with one of our successful fashion brands for your store or webshop. Check out our successful brands here. More information about purchasing our fashion brands can be found here.

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