HVEG Accessories Group

Successful Together

In 2020, the divisions Belt Fashion, Wink Optics and Wink Accessories merged into the new entity HVEG Accessories Group. This cooperation gives us a grip on quality and brings coherence between the different product groups; this makes us flexible; saves costs; reduces our impact on the environment and allows us to guarantee our integrity.

Our activities remain divided by specialty among the three divisions, from product design to delivery with only one goal in mind: to ensure that our customer is successful in every way.

Belt Fashion is a Dutch private label belt factory since 1976. "We are extremely proud of our own factory in Eindhoven, with 2000 m² of factory space, an automated production line and 25 skilled workers enabling us to produce over 50,000 leather belts and leather fashion and home accessories for the European market every week."  beltfashion.nl

Wink Optics is a specialist in private label sunglasses, ready-to-wear reading glasses, contact lenses and liquids. Production takes place in both Europe and the Far East. An extensive product portfolio has guaranteed a varied European customer base for years.

Wink Accessories has been a Dutch supplier of private label fashion accessories such as shawls, hats, bags and shoes since the year 2000. The products can be found on the shelves of supermarkets, drugstores and fashion retail chains throughout Europe. Production mainly takes place in the Far East.

We are proud to combine the best of both worlds: local and international production driven from our base in Eindhoven.

Experienced teams

In our office, 50 specialists work in dedicated teams per product group. That means an experienced team of sales managers, buyers, quality managers, merchandisers and designers - working together every day to create the best collections for our customers and to supervise the order process from start to finish. We follow fashion, but we also like to put our stamp on our collections. Our design team plays with seasons, designing collections based on trends and their own inspiration. Our customers can choose from ready-made concepts or custom-made collections. Every fashion season we present the latest collections for men, women and children in 750m² of showrooms.

Always in stock

Our warehouse gives us the ability to hold stock and offer Never Out Of Stock programs to our customers. A dedicated demand planning team makes weekly sales and purchase forecasts; thus ensuring that the best-selling items are available in the European market at all times.
We ensure the right stock, in the right place, at the right time.


Our quality department in Eindhoven is tasked with managing our quality management system and ensuring that our productions at all plant locations comply with quality requirements and European laws and regulations.

HVEG Accessories Group; the one-stop-shop for your success!