Wink Optics

Wink Optics is the Dutch supplier of private label sunglasses, ready-to-wear reading glasses, contact lenses and liquids. With a varied customer base, our products are located throughout Europe in supermarkets, drug stores, and retail chains. Production takes place in Taiwan, China, and The Netherlands.

You don't see us, but we're everywhere

Wink Optics - formerly part of Wink Accessories - began in the year 2000 with the purchasing and sales of sunglasses and reading glasses. Under the name Newcom, a team of professionals worked daily to market these accessories and soon after came contact lenses and liquids; and ultimately, also with winter sport products such as ski helmets and ski goggles. In 2010, this new department proved to be so successful that further specialization was required.

What started as a sideline business has now, in less than 20 years, grown into a hugely successful company within the HVEG group. After years of fine tuning and specialization, the optical branch has branched off from the accessories division, resulting in a new entity that was born in 2016: Wink Optics BV.


The building that we share with our sister companies Wink Accessories and Belt Fashion is just less than 500 meters from the Eindhoven airport. Here we accommodate a factory, office space, warehouse, and various showrooms. A one-stop shop with a solid foundation and dynamic synergy, so not only do we benefit, but our customers as well.

Our own design team

We closely follow fashion of course, but we also like to put our own unique stamp on our collections. Our Dutch design team makes the best use of the various fashion seasons, designs collections based on trends, and use their own sources of inspiration. Our customers can choose from ready-made concepts or custom-made collections, fully tailored to their needs.

Each fashion season, our designers present the latest collections for men, women and children in our fashion avenue and in 750 m² of showrooms.

Experienced teams

In our office, 60 specialists work in dedicated teams within each product group. An experienced team of sales managers, buyers, quality managers, merchandisers and designers working together every day to create the best collections for our customers, and overseeing the order process from start to finish. Placing an order at Wink Optics means that the entire order process from design to sales, from production to delivery is entirely in our hands. Our customers can rest assured that every detail of their order will be handled by us, and only need to be concerned with their purchases, so that we can offer them an even better service next season.


Our service arrangement is shared with Wink Accessories and Belt Fashion. It is this collaboration that gives us a firm grip on quality control, and brings a certain coherence among the different product groups. This makes us flexible, we save costs, we reduce our impact on the environment, and we can guarantee our integrity. We believe that we are reliable, take matters into our own hands, and offer something unique in this rapidly changing world called fashion: a one-stop-shopping experience with best-of-offerings benefits.

Always in stock

With 5000 m² of warehouse space, we are able to carry a vast and up-to-date stock collection, so that our customers are consistently and quickly provided with new collections at attractive prices and with speedy delivery times. In addition, this vast warehouse gives us the opportunity to offer a Never Out Of Stock program. Our planning team makes sales and buying prognoses for our Never Out Of Stock customers; so that we can ensure that the best-selling items are available on the European market at all times.

We ensure the right amount of stock, in the right place, at the right time.


Our quality department in Eindhoven has the task of managing our own quality management system and ensuring that our productions are always on point. Our Quality Control team and the employees at our office in Ningbo China are managed by our office in Eindhoven. They ensure that everything runs smoothly in the Far East.

The small medical devices that we bring onto the market come from CE13485 certified manufacturers with an up-to-date and working quality management system.

We have everything needed to guarantee success.